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Do antipsychotics still work if you break the tablets in half?


How do you know?

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    I think you should ask a healthcare professional. If you break the pill in half to make the pill smaller, but you still swallow both halves, you should be fine. I hope this helps.


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    Antipsychotic medications work by building up in your body to change the biochemical imbalance in your brain.  This is why you have to take the whole dose every day as directed.

    But let's say you're asking about breaking them in half because the tablets are too big for you to swallow....if this is the case, you have to telephone the pharmacy where you get your medications filled and ask a pharmacist.  Why?  Because some medications are engineered to be released at certain times during the digestive process, especially if they provide extended relief.

    Only the pharmacy can answer this.

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