how many bios chips does the motherboard in the alienware aurora r11 have?

i did a bios update but it got stuck and i turned off my pc mid update but it still booted up and all i received was a kernel power critical error so i wanna know how many chips the board has because it still boots up


please answer

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    1 month ago
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    it probably realized there was an interruption, and restored the backup it made.

    technology's awesome. every PC has only one BIOS, but if the software backs up before updating, it can restore in case of catastrophic events.

    ALWAYS stay plugged in to wall power when updating BIOS.

    else, wait till you CAN stay plugged in to wall power to update BIOS!

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    did you check the detailed specs?  from what you say, we can't tell if the update failed before it started changing things or while it was in the middle.  and my 10 year old mobo has dual BIOS/UEFI chips, so they're definitely something that's been around for a while

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    1 month ago

    Never heard of a computer with more than one.

    Try flashing the bios again. 

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