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Animal course... ?

So with this Covid 19 going on and Theres not much to do I decided to sign up to some courses

 1. Animal care level 3 which I passed the exam and got an certification of achievement. 

2. Animal care and psychology

3.animal healing and communication 

4.Diploma in animal psychology.

 They are cpd accredited certification 

15 cpd/ points I’m unsure How they work? 

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice to if I do everything with this after completing them.

It’s hard to explain what I mean erm I guess could I do something with them? Job wise etc and what are the course Equivalent to etc 

Thank you :)  

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  • Maxi
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    4 hours ago

    CPD means Continual Professional Developement......... many trained/qualified professionals have to do CPD annually to retain and prove their level of compedance and continual learning...they are all lower level CPD, none are stand alone 'qualifications' just 'top up' learning for already qualified professionals....... however they can be written on your CV which shows  you have an interest in animals and have taken the time to learn something and/or the points(tariff points) can be used towards getting into University to do a degree 15 tariff points are equivilent to one A level grade E or one AS level grade B ( University requirement  you need 2-3 A level grade A/B) or used when  applying for a full time 2yr college course in an animal husbandry course

  • 1 month ago

    Knowledge is never wasted. The more you learn the more marketable you will become. 

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