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I'm a heavy weight guy, I'm 32 years old, and I'm trying to build muscle/weight loss. What is the best way. ?

I am 32 years old, I am 265 lbs, and I'm 5ft 9in. I know I'm obese but I want to make a change. I've already started exercising and dieting. My exercise is very basic to say the least. I do 10 pushups and 10 situps per day, which isn't much but I'm trying. Also my diet is 4 boiled eggs for breakfast, fruit or veggies, lunch varies, a serving size of peanuts chips or cookies(not the healthiest but portion control, and then dinner varies. I make sure not to eat after 6 pm. I wanted to not eat after 5 pm but my work schedule won't allow that. I don't have any equipment for workout except for 1 10 lb dumbell. I can get more if I need to. What are some good exercises I can add to my pushups and situps. I was thinking of starting to run but the best time to do this is right after work while it's still light outside. It's dark when I wake up and dark before I go to bed. I also have stairs in my house that I can walk up and down if weather is bad outside. Any tips on weight loss, building muscle, or diet would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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    Make a lifestyle change. 80% of fat loss is about what you eat, so that’s more important than exercise. Any "diet" you go on may help you lose some weight but you'll tend to gain it back if you go back to your previous ways. Unhealthy diets also can cause weight loss of tissue other than fat (such as muscle, especially if your calorie intake is too low). Use a calculator like this one to determine about what your calorie intake should be. You can lose UP TO 3 lbs per week in a healthy manner, but 1 - 2 lbs is much more doable and easier to maintain long term. Remember that as your activity level and/or your weight changes, your calorie needs change too. So, check the calculator as your weight goes down or your activity goes up or down, so you continue to consume calories at a level that will help induce fat loss.


    Eat a healthy well-balanced diet at least 80% of the time...keep junk food, fast food, sweets, sodas, etc to a bare minimum (the occasional treat if you feel the need). Avoid as much processed food as you can. Focus on lean protein, fruits and veggies, complex carbs, healthy fats and and plenty of water. Keep your calories at a healthy level when working to lose fat. Cardio exercise is ideal for burning some extra calories. If you don't have an exercise program you want to use, YouTube has TONS of fitness videos you can check out, not to mention just getting outdoors and going for a walk, run, or bike ride. The YouTube videos for strength training will give you an idea of what equipment you might want to add OR just do bodyweight exercises for now. You can search on bodyweight workouts to find ones that don't require equipment.


    It doesn't matter what time you eat. It matters what you eat and your total calorie intake. Don't worry about not eating after 5pm or 6pm, unless you are using Intermittent Fasting as a fat loss method, and need to keep your eating inside an 8 hr (or less) window. 


    Nothing wrong with running in the dark, as long as others can see you. Most of my running this time of year is in the dark, because I go around 5:30 PM. Carry a flashlight or get a headlamp so you can see. Wear a reflective vest or belt, and get some flashing lights to attach to your clothes/shows. You want to be noticeable to vehicles if you are running in the street or crossing intersections. 


    When you reach your goal, simply modify your calorie intake and/or exercise to allow you to maintain your weight instead of continuing to lose.

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