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Mechanic put wrong transmission fluid in my car!!?

Took my car to a shop close by to have my transmission fluid changed/flushed cause it was dark well only to find out they put the wrong transmission fluid they put atf+4 and it was supposed to be atf WS I have a 2007 scion TC and I’m nervous that this damaged my transmission. They drove my car around test driving it as well and they had my vehicle for 3 days. I told the shop they put the wrong fluid and they were very rude telling me that It wasn’t true when I called the Toyota dealership and found out otherwise. The shop I took my car to told me they’d flush it out but I told them no because why would I trust them after that and they also stole some items out of my vehicle. My question is if I refused to have them add the right fluid what can I do if they damaged my car? 

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    Go to the dealer and have them put the correct ATF in your tranny. That way if you ever have a problem you have records.

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    IF you refused to give then a chance to correct something they did wrong, YOU forfeit any claim against them.

    Note: It is IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to determine over the phone what fluid was used.

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    You really should have done your research online which is publicly available before you accuse somebody of ruining your car and putting in the wrong fluid I've given you a screenshot. Type 4 ATF exceeds. (Is better than)

    Ws type. It's I synthetic designed to be used in place of WS.  Using a better transmission fluid than what's called for by the factory cannot cause it any damage you don't need to drain it you don't need to do a darn thing except apologize to the mechanic that you insulted all over the darn place

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    Flush and change it yourself. You don't trust the mechanic, so one way to be sure of what your car has in it is to do it yourself. Minimize the effects of T4 in your transmission by getting it out asap. Lookit:

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