Do you feel that life is like giving birth?

What I mean is laying the foundation and direction of your existence or establishing the beginning of your life is 100 times harder than working out the middle and the end.

Like I’ve been trying to become an author ever since getting laid off due to CoVid, And I find coming up with my book idea was 800x harder than the actual process of writing my book.

And coming up with my 24 research proposals was around 2-40 times harder than doing the actual research once the proposals were created.

As well, planning my life was over 16 times harder than actually living out the plan. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


    I dunno.

    I guess? 

    Technically, the reason for procreation in Genesis is to pass on duties in inheriting the earth and all Gods creations. So... you would need a legacy.

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