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If I keep using my mobile data instead of wifi, will the the speed become slow?

If I keep using my mobile data instead of wifi, will the the speed become slow? At home, I have to use my data for three days to access the Internet. I would like to know if that is going to affect the speed.

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    That depends totally upon the policies of your mobile phone service provider.

    Even those which offer unlimited data often have a “fair usage” policy which allows them to throttle down your connection speeds if they think that your usage is heavy enough to limit the bandwidth available to other customers connected to the same cell tower(s) as your phone.

    I strongly suspect that some just turn the speed down automatically to users who are heavy users. It’s a way to manipulate the “unlimited data” promise to effectively put a loose cap on the amount of data which would otherwise be against the contractual terms they have with you if they applied a fixed maximum data cap.

    My home broadband has been down for two weeks due to a fault during conversion from an ancient slow copper wired connection to an “ultrafast” fibre to the home (FTTH). My wife and I have been forced to resort to using our phones as hotspots. 

    We both have unlimited data deals but with different providers: mine is with Vodafone UK who have not throttled my connection at all even though I used hundreds of GB because I also happened to change my mobile phone and needed to download a 350GB data backup plus a few hundred GB to re-download various apps, and install major updates to my games consoles. 

    But my wife switched to O2 from Vodafone last year. She definitely got throttled back as soon as she passed 20GB. So she’s now connected her phone to my hotspot instead.

    Some mobile phone service providers still don’t even permit “tethering” at all: that’s what they call using a mobile phone as a hotspot.

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    I don’t think so . I rarely connect to wifi by habit since I have unlimited . I try to remember when I can though

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