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Do you think that weddings should stop being planned until covid is under control?

Do you think weddings should stop being planned until covid is under control? I’d like to hear what you have to say. 

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    Not completely, not with test results being available within 30 minutes, limits in place for the amount of guests and spacing. It would be better to wait until afterwards but there might be a pressing reason like one of them is terminally ill.

  • Trish
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    3 weeks ago

    I don't agree the planning has to stop.  You can plan for a later date or very small wedding and reception but to halt all plans seems a bit extreme.

  • 1 month ago

    Of course, that's the clearly obvious thing to do.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    YES! I've been trying to say this the whole time!

    my friend had a wedding during the 2nd surge, when things got REALLY bad. she even invited someone from out of state with a very high covid rate. she didn't come because a few days before she got covid. SHE COULD HAVE GIVEN EVERYONE COVID. for her stupid a*s wedding. that she STILL decided to have. unbelievable. 

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  • 1 month ago

    No, I don't. People can choose to have weddings just like people can choose not to attend those weddings.

  • Murzy
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    1 month ago

    The ceremony should continue but the party should take place after the pandemic.

  • Jon
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    1 month ago

    Assuming you mean a wedding with more than a few witnesses, followed by a reception, then yes, it would be wise to do without it.

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