Serious question. Are white people mentally ill/retarded/insane?

White people open the borders and give away everything they have.

White people treat other indigenous cultures like royalty. And their own indigenous peoples like dirt.

Something is seriously wrong with these people.

Once they have given away what little territory they still have. There will be no other options for them.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Like with any other race, some are, others aren’t.  I find your question to be very racist against white people, because you’re saying we’re all the same, based on a few idiots who happen to be white people.  Which hasn’t even been reported.  If on the other hand, I were to write the same post about whatever race you’re from, I’d have been reported and complained about by multiple people.  Why?  Because it’s somehow acceptable to be racist, as long as it’s only to white people.  

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