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person gets vaccine, dies later, media declares must be 100 others reason that he died EXPECT the vaccine, no chance in hell its the vaccine?

Caause the vacine is PERFECT, HOW DARE U, stop spreading MISINFORMATION, there's that 2020 annoying words of the year. Are u tired of the word "misinformation" dumb people use just cause they dont agree with you cause their thinking ability is only limited to what media declares?

why are the healthcare "experts" so scared to admit the vaccine can be bad for some people just like some medications can be bad for some people.

23 seniors die days after getting vaccine and the "experts" go vaccine had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it.

nurse gets heart attacks a few hrs after vaccine and "experts" go , the vaccine had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it.

How bout the "Experts" get some balls and just admit, yes some people could die from the vaccine if they are old and frail and have some other underlying conditions that may interact with the vaccine. This is not how adults should behave, just being stubborn and declaring there is zero percent chance it could have been the vaccine as if the vaccine has been tested on the entire population, apparently health "experts" just refuse to admit they aren't perfect


Im not saying the vaccines are bad or some conspiracy theory, im saying just admit weak and frail old people and those with other conditions could have bad side effects that interact with the vaccine

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    30,000 seniors get the Pfizer shot, 23 of them die shortly thereafter.  Most of them nursing home patients.  That doesn't sound bad to me.  

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    Expect what from the vaccine,  other than it saving lives?

    Why do you need to find something,  even if it's false,  to justify not getting the vaccine?

    I vote afraid of tiny little needles.  Probably reminds you of something you aren't proud of. 

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    I play the odds.   The odds are if you get covid you got a 1-2% chance of dying and a 5-10% chance of having some long term side effects.   Vs the vaccine.   You got a 50% chance of having some mild unpleasant reactions and a 0.001% chance of dying from the vaccine.    

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    Association does not prove causation. The media does not have the authority to declare anything. Any legitimate news outlet reports the facts. They might interview medical experts but those experts would not categorically state in absolute terms "no chance in hell" that they cause death. They might state that any association might be highly unusual or might state the fact that no such deaths occurred during the vaccine trials. 

    As far spreading misinformation I would presume that there was mischaracterizations of the facts or assuming all associations are proof in and of themselves to prove cause. 

    "admit weak and frail old people and those with other conditions could have bad side effects that interact with the vaccine"

    Again you are assuming associations are causative without investigating such associations. You are also implying that old frail people who are most susceptible to COVID should avoid the vaccine based on being old and frail. Not even sure how to categorize in specifics of how to characterize old and frail because there wasn't any study defining old and frail. You also mention other conditions as a category that can be susceptible to vaccine as being harmed without mentioning any nor citing any reliable medical references as to what they may be. We know of medical conditions that are more susceptible to the virus and risk of death but you are assuming there are such a group studied that has succumbed to the vaccine. 

    Nobody is going to admit to anything until the observations are studied and if justified then recommendations posted in the package insert of the vaccine as a warning will appear.

    Now there has been hundreds of thousands in nursing homes that have been what the normal person on the street would say were old and frail and have been vaccinated certainly not all died from the vaccine. It's a matter of looking at the numbers. You will always have the old and frail dying even before the vaccine at a steady rate. They wouldn't stand a chance against this virus. 

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    Because they're trying to solve a problem.  And the problem isn't a few people dying.  The problem is that their are a lot of people who won't take the vaccine and then a lot of people die.  They're focus is on getting people to take the vaccine.

    There's no evidence that anyone has died from the vaccine.  On the other hand, there's no evidence that the vaccine is 100% perfect.  But we know that if everyone gets the vaccine, fewer people will die.  So that's the side the experts have taken.

    Keep in mind that not everyone is as smart as you are.  If experts say "yes, you could die from the vaccine", then a lot of people would not take the vaccine and more people would die.

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    Well many people I know have had the vaccine and are all fine.

    The biggest danger is misinformation and scaremongering .

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    If you said in 2019, that people were going to be lining up for a under tested, non FDA approved vaccine, people would look at you like you are a lunatic. 

    -- but now everyone who doesn't "fall in line" is an anti-vaxxer that's the lunacy of it.

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