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Why was Trump's Space force formed when there was already Reagan's Star Wars Defense, do Republican Presidents know aliens exist already?

I read that Republican Presidents have more of a connection to the military and easier for the Republican Presidents to be briefed on any extraterrestrials (if they exist at all).  There was that famous story with Eisenhower having a meeting with aliens and Nixon actually showing a real alien body to Jackie Gleason (who was a big alien buff).

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    Star Wars Defense was not the same thing as a Space Force.

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    This is solid trolling.  The Jackie Gleason part really takes it over the top.

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    Reagan's SDI was never implemented.  It was a boondoggle to begin with - they suggested it would create an impenetrable defense against missiles, which they knew was BS but they plugged the idea anyway.  And it was a different thing from the Space Force; it wasn't a whole branch of the military.

    While extraterrestrial civilizations almost certainly exist, they almost certainly haven't been here.  There is NO good evidence that we've been visited by extraterrestrials.  Given the distances between stars, it would be surprising if we had been visited yet.

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    ALL presidents and VPs eventually find out that extra terrestrial aliens probably DO exist. Trump created the Space Force as part of the Aur Force to monitor, survey and watch space for threats from space much like NORAD watches what happens in In Earth's atmosphere and space f from underneath Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado to monitor hearth for underground nuclear tests and missile tests above ground. The Space Force is still recruiting and hiring civilians.

    Haven't you ever wondered WHY it took Eisenhower and Congress 6 YEARS to turn a congressional advisory committee that existed since right before WW1 into a CIVILIAN federal agency, NASA? Of course not. You are totally ignorant of history. Like Reagan's administration, you don't learn, or REFUSE to learn from the mistakes that were made by previous administrations. 

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