Is it worth it to buy a ps4 now or wait for ps5 prices to drop.?

Im wanting to play playstation games with my freinds during covid, but im not sure weather to just buy a ps4 now, or wait for ps5 prices to drop by like christmas. I'm not sure if i want to do this though, as I am moving out in two years, and so I wouldnt get much play time with my current freinds using the ps5 anyway, (and covid might be over by then anyway) maybe I should just get the ps4 now?

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  • 1 month ago
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    PS5 prices won't drop until after they come out with something like the PS5 pro. You've got 3-5 years to wait for that to happen. 

    It might be worth checking out sites like Craig's list or something looking for a used PS4. Then when you're ready to upgrade to PS5, you'll be able to resell it again at a smaller loss than if you get a new one now.

    Source(s): Reason I suggest craig's list is you can usually bargain people down lower than the prices you see on ebay. But ebay's an option too.
  • what and get a ps4 then?, anyway you got no chance, first thing that has to happen is for supplies to be considerably higher than demand over  a longer period, 6-12 months would think,  and right now there are no ps5's in stock and many people wanting to buy one..that guarantees that the unit holds it's price, demand would have to drop massively for them to believe they need to drop the price to increse sales, and that's years of....just take a look at these boards, the number of questions related to ps5, it 's just further evidence, of the overall situation, people are wanting ps5 but they can't make them fast enough..and even more so than xbox's, the time to think prices will be going down is when people stop talking about them saving their money for other things, and the adverts start appearing to try to boost why is production hit?,  2 things really first, because colossal demand will be felt on launch and for the first year or so and then it will drop, so there's no point having a huge production base if it's only going to be effective during it's initial launch, and the other reason, is obvious, the pandemic

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