Payroll delayed into next month because approval from their side was late. What should I do?

I am working as a part timer and I submitted my work hours 5 days earlier than the deadline and when asked by an employee 2 weeks later if it was approved I told him it wasn't approved, 1 weeks later (When the day of getting my cheque is close) I check again and they tell me they will approve it but since it will approved after the cut off date I will only get my salary next month. I was not told about any of these dates or how it works. How should I handle this? I like this job but I don't want to wait an extra month as I have bills to expenses to pay for. What should I do?

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    1 month ago
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    Read the employment laws in the county you work in......... in decent countries it is illegal for employers not to pay wages owed ON THE DAY they are owed and the employers are legally liable to not only pay you but are also legally liable if not paying you causes you debts because you can't fund your bills

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    Confusing question because you seem to be aware that the hours you submitted weren't approved by the employer.  If so, you should have discovered why not, and overcome that hurdle. Instead you sound like you expected things to work itself out on their own, and now are surprised that weren't?

    Add the fact that your employer is not denying the wages are owed, your complaint is that you should have been told how payroll is completed when in reality that is just as much your responsibility to find out. 

    Chalk this up to inexperience on your part to know how to avoid in the future.  Good Luck.

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