Expert ebay resellers could you take a look at my eBay page and tell me why my sales are so slow even with very cheap prices?

Just take a look at some of my items for sale and tell me why you would not want to buy from me. My most expensive items buyers only quickly buy them if they can get a big discount on what they are worth. My cheap items just get ignored. My sales are low. And buyers wanting their money back is high. 

My ebay name is CityPigeonShop

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    The first thing I looked at was Jollibee-Toy-/184593925742

    I wouldn't buy it because I couldn't tell what it was.  You had two pictures but all I could clearly see was the plastic bag.  The toy wasn't visible in one, and was obscured by the writing on the bag in the other.  And I don't know what the word "Jollibee" means.  So all I could tell was that it was a toy.  I couldn't tell what kind of toy, or whether it was age-appropriate, or even safe, for any child for whom I might buy a toy.

    You need to clearly show what you are selling.  You need a photograph of the item out of the packaging.  You need a clear description.  And for toys that have small parts or say on the packaging that they are not for children under 3, you need to say that prominently in a way that makes sure everyone sees it, so that they don't buy it for a baby and then have to ask for their money back.

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