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My Mom's Relationship?

Can some of you all give me some advice and help me out? I'm 23 years old...

My mom is 43 and is dating a guy almost 10 years younger than her. The age isn't necessarily the issue for me, it's the guy. As far as I know, he has two young kids that live in another state, his ex wife has custody of the kids; that seems strange to me. He can't afford his own car, so he drives my Mom's, he lives with us but doesn't contribute toward rent. I'm old enough to know that there seems to be a physical relationship going on which concerns me. He also seems to have a drinking issue, and something is just off with him.  My mom seems to be taking care of this man and he seems to be using my Mom. What should I do? My Mom has been divorced a couple times, and I'm worried she is going to get hurt and this guy is taking advantage of her. 

My Mom also seems to be needing all this attention. She is taking these pictures of herself in bikini's, which whatever, it makes me uncomfortable because I know why she is doing it. Attention. She gets derogatory comments from gross men but somehow that seems to be ok for her. Her standards have lowered considerably, especially since my brothers and I are basically out of the house. 

I'm trying to understand what's going on, because I'm really concerned for my Mom. 

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    Mom's going through her "cougar" phase and this guy won't stick around for long. Just have a talk with Mom about making sure she doesn't lose too much money to this adventure. 

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    His money is probably going towards maintaining his children. 

    Your mother seems happy, doesn't she? Perhaps he is taking advantage of her financially and/or emotionally, but she is a big girl now! Sure, keep an eye; but if she is enjoying life, where's the harm? You come across as being a and caring daughter (son?!) but she doesn't want you putting her down for her choices and decisions. Try to be more accepting - and be there is there are pieces to pick up if he finds someone younger......

    Good Luck!

  • Sandy
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    1 month ago

    they sound co-dependent. if you aren't reliant on your mother for anything, keep your mouth shut. they are grown. let them handle their own ****!

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