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Weight loss tips.?

I have been on a calorie deficit and exercising for 4 weeks and I'm looking fatter than I was before. Why could this be. I'm really frustrated and angry at myself i don't know what is going on.

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    If you want to lose weight, weight yourself, don't rely on your visual assessment.

    Weight loss isn't just calories, though being in a calorie deficit is essential.  What you eat and when you eat also contribute to your body's ability to either burn stored fat or use the food you eat as fuel.  

    Try a very low carb/keto diet.  No grains, fruit, sweeteners (other than stevia), legumes, dairy, or fruit.  Yes, that can be very restrictive, but your body can't burn stored fat until there is no glucose in your bloodstream and you have low insulin.    

    Cut out snacking and late night eating.  Try intermittent fasting where you eat during an 8-hour window and fast fro 16 hours (including overnight when you are asleep.)

    Decrease your calorie consumption.  A calorie deficit of 500 calories per day would result in a fat loss of about 1 pound per week. A slightly greater deficit will result is slightly more weight loss.

    Give it more time. A diet that results in a pound a week of fat loss is safe, but it takes time to see the results. Four pounds isn't going to be visually noticeable on most people. Keep up the good work, make some minor adjustments.  Weigh yourself and measure yourself.  You may find that you'll see and feel results in another month when you're likely to have dropped a full clothing size (about 10 pounds).

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    Less soda or sugary drinks.  No potato chips or french fries.

    Lots of vegetables.  What you eat is more important then how much you eat.

    It'll probably be another 5 weeks before you notice anything.

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    Have you measured yourself? 4 weeks is not really a long time, so you need to give it some time. Make sure to stay on calorie deficit (I'm assuming you've checked to see your TDEE and what range you need to be in for a loss) and you will see progress over time. Eat your veggies, and remember that the scale does not really say that much since weight also fluctuates (water weight, food etc.). The best way to actually see some progress is to take progress pictures, stand in your underwear and take pictures from all angles, just for yourself to see, plus measurements.

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