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I'm writing a novel, can anyone create a character?

As said above, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo. I haven't exactly lost the flow of it, and I do already have tons of characters in mind. But I was thinking it would be interesting to see if anyone can come up with characters I could input in the story? (For example: name, what they look like, traits, personality, clothing style etc.) Or you could just invent a character for fun :)


Haha thanks for all the ideas everyone, I was struggling with lots of writer's block and really getting desperate, now I have a clearer mind I realize I was being lazy af 😂 even though that wasn't the intention. Thanks again :)

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    I have a character development worksheet, cobbled together from many sources, that I've shared here before. Let me hunt it down one more time.

    Some writers find it helpful to complete a character bio sheet, creating a complex person before bringing him or her to the page.For the record, when you have a fully developed character, the name matters hardly at all. Seeking the perfect name is seeking a shortcut to doing the work of turning him into a rounded character.

    PHYSICAL TRAITS includes the character's age, sex, approximate height and weight, physique, fitness level, posture, appearance in general, overall attractiveness to others, general health, specific health that affects them day to day (i.e., bad hip, drug addiction). Note that this does not include hair style, wardrobe, etc.

    SOCIOLOGY includes the society or world in which they live, who's in their family or household, social standing or class, race/ethnicity/nationality, what they do for money including but not limited to their job, their financial status, their education, the basics of their home life, who their friends are, faith or religion if any, sociopolitical view in general, specific causes they care about, what they do for fun including exercise and hobbies, and whether they drink alcohol or use drugs recreationally

    PSYCHOLOGY includes introversion or extroversion, basic mood, sense of humor, ambitions and realistic hopes, past failures and disappointments, sex life and interests, moral code, intelligence, abilities and knacks (numbers, music), manners and civility

    If I can fill out most or all of that for a character with a bit of detail, it's pretty cool how I can throw in a ridiculous situation ("Suddenly there's a bull loose in the hotel lobby!") and make a pretty solid guess what each character is likely to do in reaction.

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    Stop approaching it like a beginner writer. The laundry list of traits and clothes and how long their eyelashes are is not how a real writer starts.   Not even in designing a character. 

    They start with a plot,  a main character they understand the motivation of,  and 2 or 3 did characters.  They craft the storyline.  They don't tell us what the hair color is or even which ethnic group,  that's left up to the reader to  flesh out in their mind as they read.  

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    So you would write the story around someone else's character?

    Why not take an existing character? If you name the character something else, tweak the physical attributes and backgrounds, and place the character in a completely new setting, then the character should become unrecognizable. I would suggest Uriah Heep from David Copperfield, Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, Smilla (from Smilla's Sense of Snow).

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    Clever way to try and get others to do your work for you. I do create characters for fun to use in my work. The list you've provided above are the least important things to add to a character. They need to be there but other things are more important so don't fall into the trap of being superficial with your characters. NaNo is fun but a lot of work. Hope you enjoy it and all the best.

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    If you have "tons of characters in mind", you don't need more.

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    Sure. His name is Aarnarsaursuq Jabril Squarcialupi-Wiriyadboonchoo IX. He's 143 centimeters tall, weighs 5.5 stone, has olive skin, auburn hair, a soul patch, and wears tortoiseshell bifocals. His birthday is February 29th, 1992, and he was born in a remote village in the highlands of Papua New Guinea where his parents were working as missionaries - only the local tribe managed to convert them to becoming animist cannibals instead. His hobbies include ornithology, ritualistic murder, and backgammon. He likes acid wash button fly jeans and V-neck t-shirts. His favourite colour is mauve and he hates when people exaggerate. 

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