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Should i call my Endocrinologist if I feel like my thyroid is slow?

Okay, background. I have hypothyroid and I can feel when my thyroid gets worse or if I need another blood test cuz my hypo symptoms come back (exhausted, cold all the time, dry skin, and loosing my appetite completely). I've also gained about 8 pounds but I think that has more to do with being at home all day. I have an appointment for my Endocrinologist in four months but I am having some struggle cuz I'm sleeping WAY too much (about 10-17 hours). Is it appropriate to call my endo and mention that I can tell my thyroid levels have fallen again? Any advice would be helpful! 

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    If you think your levels are out of balance, ask about getting a blood test and moving your appointment forward.

    It depends how stable your dose has been.

    My levels have been stable for about 30 years so if there was a sudden change it would be cause for concern.

    If you have only been diagnosed in the last few years you may not have yet found your ideal balance.

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