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How to improve my social life? And  Rate my social life. ?

I am a 23(m) and is preparing for examination to get a job. I rely on self study and online resource for preparation.i stay with my family and have around 7..8 friends of which 2 are very close ones. Without getting a job I am in no condition to move out. I occasionally hang out with friends (around 2 times a week). All I do is stay in my room and do my work. But the thing is I am always the one who ask other for hangout and pay the bill(except the close ones who sometimes ask me). They rarely even contract me. Am I doing something wrong(social engineering)?I hangout only to manage my stress and mental health. They are good people and act as a friend should and I have a good time with them and are ready for help if they are not "busy" . But they don't ever ask me for hangout. Am I overthinking? I only hang out with one of them at a time. Is asking for hangout lowers one value? Sometimes some of them refuses which is normal as they have there own life as I have mine. How often one should ask for a person to hangout? How to act if they refuse?(like today five of them refused but the sixth one expected 😂) How many time one should socialise? Rate my social life. Am I doing something wrong? 

Thanks and sorry for my bad English. 

And please correct me if I am wrong in social engineering.

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    To be liked, generally, it helps to be more interestED than interestING. Listening is good for making friends: ask people questions about themselves and their opinions and listen to them without interruption, except for little comments that demonstrate that you're REALLY listening. It shows you are taking them seriously, as in respect and acceptance. Don't sit there thinking about what you will say, because that shows more interest in yourself than them. Little pauses demonstrate that you are thinking about what they have said anyway. You can ask them how they felt about what they have just told you, or other specific questions to show you have been listening and taking them seriously. Be open minded and try not to disagree with people. For example, if they like a band you hate, ask what it is they like about them, best track, etc. (avoid the word, “why” as it can sound challenging). You can always say you don't listen to them much but you will now or something. Asking for advice is also good. Genuinely, of course, & don't overdo it. Ditto information – we feel pleased to tell someone something interesting they did not know, such as what’s on in town, latest sports score, etc., so by showing interest in their opinion, knowledge, etc. you’ll get some good feelings from them. Smiling is a good sign of acceptance. A lot of eye contact can also be good. Remember, if you want to have a friend, you have to BE a friend, and the best way to impress someone is to be impressed by them! One thing you can do is always to ensure you have a straight back: sit, stand and walk tall (hips forward) and take reasonably long, confident strides when you walk: this has the “reverse psychology” effect of helping us to feel more confident. Once we have self respect and a sense of self worth, we tend to find that other people respect us more too.

    Good Luck!

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