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All this censorship is it really doing the world good?

TLDR: Websites shouldn't censor because it creates misinformed systems in society without any checks and balances.  

For instance we are not allowed to comment on someones answer. They are allowed to answer with their belief on something and no one gets to check them. For example someone posted in a answer recently: "And then again after the Racists figured out that requiring a High School Diploma would allow them to legally keep minorities out of their employment." 

I'm pretty sure most people just wanted those working in the workforce to have shown some form of workmanship, be it getting a high school diploma or GED. Meaning we shouldn't allow jobs that take the skill of being able to learn to hire those that have not shown some form of workmanship. It takes time and concentration so after acquiring an education it shows the person is able to be fit for the position he/she is applying for and able to learn that position, thus hiring the person that will benefit the companies time, instead of eventually quitting or getting fired. 

This person is going around hating white people without anyone commenting/checking him/her on his/her posted answer. What do you think he or she will eventually end up like in society? People need to be bluntly shown the truth sometimes. Truth hurts but we are in a world of hurt for sometime now, I'm afraid it will only get worse. 

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    Yes, there is no valid justification for censorship and it used to be an unthinkable concept in America until four years ago.

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