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How to organize a travel?

Step by step.

2- Are they asking tests from Zurich to Sao Paulo?

3- How much is Zurich to Sao Paulo?

4- Which Hotel in Sao Paulo?

5- Can one travel to many countries?

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    If this is a real question then you need to talk to a travel agent where you live. 

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    Who is the "they" you refer to? Some airlines are requiring proof of a negative COVID test. First, research flights to Sao Paulo. Go on a site like Orbitz and do a search to find out what airlines fly there. Then go on the airlines' sites to find their statements about what they require. For hotels, try a site like or You can compare prices, locations, and reviews. 

    There are countries you can travel to right now, but you have to look them up individually. I think the US still has a ban on visitors from Europe. 

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    Do your own research. You have access to the internet; try google.

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    Google "cheap flights ZHR to GRU" and find a price and time that suits your needs. Bear in mind it can be cheaper to fly from Bern or Geneva or some other city near enough to fly from...

    Once you select a flight, find a hotel at the service level 2 to 5 stars and study public transport or shuttles from the airport. Google how reliable these are.

    2 Testing requirement, and I assume for COVID, not Portuguese language, is changing almost daily, so this is best to ask the airline or airport from which you fly.

    3 $1000 USD may be higher or lower. 

    Ore likely higher than lower. I fly Russia to Texas RT for 560 USD. Your price will come up by Googling ZHR to GRU, the airport codes.

    4Hotel will be depending on shat you want nearby. City center, relatives on the outskirts of the city, business meeting in fringe industrial area. Again, Google "Sao Paolo hotels" and a map with scores of hotels across the city will appear. 

    5. Each country may require a visa. With a visa, likely each country will honor their visa and allow you in. Ticketing may be cheaper to buy separately. GRU to Caracas, Montevideo, Brasilia, or Rio de Janeiro etc. on a different purchase than a Zurich-Sao Paolo-Caracas-Zurich ticket. In other words, mixing airlines and routes on a single ticket purchase (multi- destination) can be expensive.

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