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Should I gain weight + advice?

Hey I’m 18 years old my birthday was in Sept and I’m 5’2. When I was a freshman (15) I grew a lot from puberty I’m assuming and my weight went from 104 to 114. Then I joined my school’s track team and lost a tiny bit of weight and weighed 110. I maintained that weight for the rest of the school year and through my sophomore year too. Then my junior year I got a job+took a bunch of hard classes and was stressed 24/7. I ended up losing some weight and went to 104. But then covid happened and my stress went down since I didn’t have school and I decided to try and gain some weight. (I’ve been pretty small my whole life so it takes a bit to gain) but I gained some weight and was back to 110. But when I started my senior year idk what happened. I’ve become so self conscious ab my body and stopped eating as much. I quit my job too after being there for 1.5 yrs. Then I got covid around thanksgiving. After I recovered I noticed my taste buds changed? Like everything tastes so different and bad. I’ve become way more pickier too. But it’s caused me to lose weight. I weigh 102 pounds now. My parents keep trying to force me to eat and my family keeps telling me I’m too skinny. But I feel good tho. I finally feel confident with my body. I like how I look. But I’ve been thinking about how before I went through puberty I weighed more than I do now so idk if it’s healthy. Like I want to do better but at the same time I’m picky? Idk what I should do, also is my weight safe?

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    My to go answer is AS LONG AS YOU'RE HEALTHY! That's the most important part. If you have concerns about your weight and if it's effecting you mental or physical health please speak to a doctor if you can because they can give you proper guidance on what to do. 

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    Girl, I’m 73-75lbs at the same height , 102 is no where near too skinny believe me, but if you are engaging in unhealthy habits to lose weight it might be a problem . 

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