Stolen Identity Nightmare Help?

Help needed cause been everywhere, no one can help.

First...someone who own a vehicle (Te3n) was caught speeding, and they used my licence details, they took them from previous jobs i applied for, no idea of the Lady never seen or met her, got a letter disqualifying from driving. Called my work place, it was a instantly dismissal, they didn't even want to listen, next i had a  court date, looked for lawyers which charged me £2300, and they said i should plea guilty and i refused cause i am a victim here, they then said add 1200 for us to present you in court i refused cause, i had not money left, i went to court was cleared. Lawyers took me for a ride..lost 2300 for nothing 

Help here

1 Lost my job due to stolen identity 

2 Lost my savings due to the lawyers 

3 Cannot claim benefits at all

Which is the proper way to get my problem solved, seem no one can help.The police finally sent the vehicle details and the owner of it...its a women who did all this...requirement agency.

Any information will be appreciated many thanks in advance 


United Kingdom 

1 Answer

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Which Country are you in ??

    Update. There is nothing you can do, however I find the attitude of your employers strange, did you tell them you were found not guilty?

    As for paying for Lawyers they charged you for their time.

    All you can do is move on and look for another job.

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