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What do I do if I was given multiple chances to change & used them all up?

To be more specific, there's a site called twitch and program called discord and I had been watching this one streamer going on 2 year. For the past months she has come to me to tell me that I had been saying things or behaving in a way I member of her community shouldn't act. She tried to help me, but like an idiot I didn't take the necessary steps to improve, like taking a break and made things worse to the point of her banning me.

One of the last things she said was to give her some space which I had, even though its only been a week, I feel like one other thing she said has made me believe i may not be welcome back. That scares me, cause she has been a good friend to me, changed me in better ways, and i threw it away and im afraid I may never be forgiven. 

I took a break, looking at 3 months, but im afraid I come back and i have not been forgiven, and to me is I ruined something great in my life, more importantly, two others who know us both may not know what happened as I have not told them and not sure she has. I gave them a partial truth, but I want to tell them the whole truth and out of respect of her, I am not. I still try to hold on to hope I can be welcomed back by her, but I just dont know what to do about either thing, the truth telling and how to move forward. 

FYI, I dont blame her for any of it and understand why she did it, and it hurt her as much as it did me. Everything i done i did it from good place, just also handled other things badly.

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    Learn from your mistakes and try to be better next time. We all makes mistakes, the important thing is that we learn from them and do our best to correct them. I hope this helps.


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