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oh my gosh is it true that the sponge on the run movie will have bad words?

i would hope not but apparently there is a "cheat sheet" reported online that claims mr krabs uses the bull s word, and sandy says something about kicking some a word. spongebob also uses "crappy" and "damned"


i am asking because if it is true then this will not be the kind of spongebob i want my kids influenced by. squidward also uses a replacement f word

Update 2:

i watched a video where spongebob does say crappy and squidward says freaking but the supposed "cheat sheet" says there will be even more curse words!! please to my heart i hope this isn't true.

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    We'd have to wait until the movie is out to know for sure, sometimes scenes get pulled before release. Also damned isn't automatically a bad word. Yeah you could use "cursed" instead but in proper context damned means a specific thing. Just like I'm guessing the video of Squidward is actually him talking about freaking out, which isn't the same as trying to get around using the "f word". Also I hope you would have just as much problem if Sandy was supposedly going to say kicking some butt, since you really shouldn't give the name of a body part so much power.

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