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What do you think about lockdown? For example, the Polish government introduced a lockdown despite they do not have legal power do to so.?

What do you think about lockdown? For example, the Polish government introduced a lockdown despite the fact that they do not have the constitutional power to do so?

In order to limit the rights resulting from the Polish constitution, such as the right to move, order the wearing of masks, etc., closing businesses to private entrepreneurs, the Polish government would have to introduce one of the three special states guided by the Polish constitution, Martial Law, Emergency State, or State of Natural Disaster, COVID-19 would rather fall under the latter, according to Polish constitutionalists, the latter also allows for compulsory vaccinations if necessary.But Law and Justice Party (PiS) sic! yeap that is their full name would be needed to pay compensation for businesspeople, not just a foreign corporation  

Which is essentially similar to the suspension of the "Habeas Corpus" in Common Law systems like British or US common law

One nationalist broadcast on Facebook how he demonstratively walks without a mask near a Polish police patrol, he was of course written down and the policeman wanted to issue him a ticket for walking without a mask, but this national activist told the policeman that he could stick this penalty ticket up his ***, because he will not accept because COVID punishments have no validity, without a state of emergency that he does not serve the nation, but the American Jewry from Wasznyngon, just like his parents and grandparents "from the Citizens' Militia ...


(Polish police under communism) served the Russian Jewry of ******* Moscow"

Although the COVID penalties are indeed, according to Polish courts, invalid without the State of Emergency, the guy rightly received an additional penalty for insulting a policeman on duty.

I'm terribly sad and ashamed for people like our Polish "patriot", or rather an idiot, because now people in other countries will think that all Poles are some kind of anti-Semitic :-( 

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    stay home or get the virus and die

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