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Does she like me ?

Hey folks, this might be a little long but I hope I can get some advice. I’m a Male, 20 and my coworker is a female, she’s also 20. She’s really attractive and I tried shooting my shot but turns out she has a boyfriend. That was months ago so I just decided to back off and I guess she realized her worth because she’s been coming onto me a lot more than before, I feel like she likes me but I don’t know the situation with her boyfriend, because I know she loves him but doesn’t see herself with him anymore. Now me and her have talked about their relationship a few times and she’s miserable. Not much I can do lol. 

Anyways, we always flirt at work and I proposed a plan for us to hangout next week at this arcade place and she agreed, with no hesitation. I was caught off guard but I’m not sure if she thinks it’s just two friends hanging out, or that it’s a date.

Please don’t call me a homewrecker, because her home is already wrecked since her boyfriend cheated on her multiple times. I’m confused, like I  don’t know if she likes me or not. My heart is telling me she does, because she’s so caring and always maintains eye contact, small touches, things like that. If she was single I know we would’ve been dating by now but I’m not too sure here, I just wanna have fun with her and a good time.

I was planning on kissing her on our “ date “, I don’t even know if she’ll let me. But yeah, why would she agree to hangout with me if she doesn’t like me ? Maybe she sees me as a friend? 

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    I won't call you a home wrecker but I will call you reckless because you're trying to insert yourself into someone else's drama and for all you know this boyfriend of her's could be the vindictive type. Always better to wait until a past relationship is completely concluded before jumping in to try to be someone's brief rebound. 

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    If she still loves him then you're just an escape for her.  Don't rush things or build up anything in your head, you're going to get hurt.  Be a little smarter and think about why she stayed with a guy that cheated on her multiple times...a normal self-respecting girl would not.

    Be wiser and don't rush into anything you may regret.

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    I think kissing her during your hangout is a very bad idea. If you want a relationship with her, kissing her while she's dating is not a good way to start it.

    I'm going to be honest with you. a lot of the time, men will mistake a women being nice to them as flirting. There is a big chance that she only sees you as a close friend and that is why she seems to be comfortable with you but you take that as flirting. I don't know what the flirting is like because you did not explain it, but i think it's in your best interest to not get ahead of yourself and end up breaking your own heart because there is a chance she does not think it's flirting.

    If you don't want to waste your own time, ask her upfront when you guys hang out. Ask her where she stands with her boyfriend, where she stands with you, and tell her how you feel about her. Since you have already told her how you feel before, it won't be much of a surprise or shock to her.

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