Why do urban, ghetto people act so rude?

I live in bad areas, because it's what I can afford and don't have help from family or 'support systems'. I'm white and Mexican, so I have no cultural identity apart from being Americanized by birth. That's my background. What I see from people in these areas is that they act like crap. I've had girls in groups on foot or in cars yell gibberish in my direction to try to mess with me, like they thought I would get a ride out of it. One time I was resting my eyes on the front seat of the bus after an overnight shift, and this man chatting with the driver was speaking as loudly as possible without yelling while he was facing me. This evening I was listening to my grandma on my cell and people took it as an opportunity to stare me down on the sidewalk, one woman glared in my face. Maybe having an occupied hand made me look vulnerable. These people beg, they steal, and they laugh at people who have bad things happen to them if they're not black. There's a tribalism going on. Politicians exploit and enable these people for votes and welfare. You will say I'm deluded, biased, or picking on them, anything except acknowledge that maybe I'm right. You will act like you have the high ground and are so unbothered. You will call me emotional when I am articulate. You will resort to relativity and randomness. You are just a tool and a follower in the mob of society. Woke people, even successful blacks, only pay you lip service to look good socially but you support their hierarchy.

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    It is because they are not raised well by their parents. The USA has a population over 320 million people. In the UK I also live in a ghetto but its not anywhere near as worse as the UK, the facilities and infrastructure are improving every year and people here mind their own business, they are also polite and friendly. Even the hood rats. I can walk around the middle of the night in East London and nothing has ever happened to me. Crime rates are reducing but drug dealing is an issue. 

    Anyways, as I said, a lot of these kids are not raised well by their parents. If I lived in the ghetto in the U.S. I would have an abortion if I got pregnant. Most of the kids there turn out to be criminals, dead or working in Mcdonalds. Here in the UK most ghettos are not that bad, they are also multicultural and tbh a lot of ghettos in the UK use to be full of White working class people. Most of them have left cities and moved to smaller towns. 

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    This is how people say hello, mama.

    They want your attention is all.

    Youre fresh meat.

    All you have to do is be as bold and ballsy as you are here now.

    Just be bold and ballsy in a way that is less demeaning. It will keep you from confrontation.

    🥴 We need you to be as fiesty and vocal. Because thats how we roll.

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