In the rap world, is West Coast rap only California or is it the west in general?

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    It’s the whole west but Cali has the most 

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    All West states.

    some are California ,Oregon,Washington,montana,Idaho ,Nevada  and more.

    East coast is all East coast states.

    This includes New York state, Massachusetts ,Rhode island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine  and more. 

    soutern Rap is the Southern States.

    This includes Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and more.

    Mid West is the middle Western states.

    This includes Michigan, Illinois and more.

    States listed above under each is just a few of the states in that region.However there are many more states under those categories that i did not list.But that would take to long.

    If you want to know more states in those areas then the search engine can list more.To do this for example just type in Southern states in the United states for the South.And the others just replacing it with those regions instead of southern.Exampe if you want to know the rest of the Western states then type in Western states of the United states.

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