Tiktok damaged my screen permanently?

I just noticed the "For You" from tiktok is literally stuck in my screen faintly in red. No matter what I do it wont go away. I deleted the app, restarted my phone and everything but it's still there. I think maybe the white was so intense it messed up the pixels in my screen? Is there a way to fix it? I couldn't get a picture, it's too faint for a camera to get a picture & obviously a screen shot wont pic it up.  

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Burned pixels? You really must be hanging out in Tiktok forever because it takes a very long time for LCD and LED screens to get burned. This is more common with CRT displays.

    I already saw this once with my mother-in-law's iPad. She gave it to my wife since she found it useless already. The image of Candy Crush was somehow burned onto the screen right after power on. Since we didn't have a use for it then, the tablet remained in a closet. After a couple of months plus a day for recharging, I discovered the LCD to be clean and clear again. As long as we didn't use the tablet for more than a couple of hours, the screen remained ghost-free. Too bad after 6 more years the battery conked out. If only I could open the case...

    Well what I'm trying to say is Tiktok has nothing to do with your LCD damage the same way that Candy Crush has nothing to do with my mother-law's faulty tablet and sore shoulders. It's you all along, staring and keeping that device on the whole day, that damaged it. 

  • 1 month ago

    You presumably have a phone with an OLED screen (possibly under a brand name, but that basic technology).

    The individual LEDs that make up the pixels in an OLED style screen age over time and lose brightness slightly as they do so.

    The brighter they are run, on average, the faster they age and weaken. That means a bright, high contrast image can eventually leave a kind of "negative" effect on the screen when something else with lower contrast is displayed.

    It sounds like that is what you are seeing.

    If you do not use the thing that caused the faded image, the effect should gradually fade over time, as the unaffected brighter pixel LEDs will age fractionally faster & eventually even themselves out.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Depending on the type of phone you have you may have something called “screen burn in” or “image retention”. If you have burn in, then there isn’t much you can do besides replace the screen, it means you had left the image on the screen for too long. “Image retention” is something different from burn in, it normally will go away after resetting and the image isn’t normally permanent. From what you describe it sounds like you may have burn in. Try finding out what type of screen your phone has and determine which may be the issue. Good Luck, I know it’s frustrating!!

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