How can I transfer all my important information, apps and notes from my old iPhone to the new one? ?

I have lots of pictures, important information on my phone notes and also on apps. and contacts How can I make sure ALL this information is transferred to the new iPhone? 

Do I need to transfer the SIM or just log into the iCloud? 


Thank you ? 

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  • 1 month ago

    Fully backup your iPhone to iCloud. 

    Then swap your SIM to your new iPhone and turn it on. 

    As you are guided through the set up process yoh will be given the option to enter your existing iCloud details, and you will then be asked whether you wish to restore the last backup frommykur old iPhone to your new one.

    Apps are NOT fully restored: the app tiles will appear on your iPhone but they will be re-downloaded automatically from the App Store. If you have a slow connection and a lot of apps that can take more than 24 hours to complete. Apps which are incompatible with your new iPhone will not be downloaded, even if the app tile appears.

    Music and other media you have ripped from CD/DVD or other sources will not be backed up. That’s for copyright reasons and means that you cannot illegally benefit from such content if you don’t still own the source discs. Likewise if you have a music library on apps like Spotify Premium or Apple Music with locally stored downloaded content it will not be backed up. Instead those apps will just re-download them automatically. To save storage, they might only be re-downloaded when you click to play them.

    If you have a host computer such as a laptop/desktop then backing up to that as well as to iCloud will be faster and will store more data if your computer has enough spare storage. It also speeds up the restore process: connect the new iPhone using a Lightning cable. Then open iTunes (older Macs and all non-Macs) or Finder (all current up to date Macs) and click on your iPhone icon. Your new iPhone will give you the usual “Hello!” message. Just ignore it and on your host computer click on the “Restore backup” option.

    The only thing carried over by swapping your SIM is your existing phone number.

  • Matt
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    you are supposed to just be able to log into the cloud and it automatically updates your new phone, I know this doesn't always work fully, don't get rid of your old phone till you confirm that all the data transferred 

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