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How did democrats steal the election?

My friends keep telling me the election was stolen and democracy failed. But wouldn't explain how. They said if I believe the election that I'm a... well I don't think I can say that here. In any case it wasn't nice. I just want to know! Maybe I am dumb or foolish. Please explain to me like I am a toddler. 


How was the mail in voting "Strategically concentrated" to win? Sounds to me like it was just close?

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    Mail-in voting was not strategically concentrated.

    For three months, Republicans were told by President Trump to not vote by mail.  Democrats were told that it was OK to vote by mail.  So the Democrats got more votes by mail.

    As far as the county breakdown, for the past twenty years, urban areas have become more Democratic and have grown in population while rural areas have become more Republican with dwindling populations.  So every election shows Democrats winning the 400 largest counties where a large part of the population lives and Republicans winning the counties with small populations.

    The problem with the "stolen" election theories is that they all keep being debunked.  Because conspiracy theories do not care about the fact, when you debunk one, a different once sprouts up.  And eventually, when they forget that it has already been debunked, an old one reemerges.

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    CHEATING... anyone with a brain knows that!

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    So, first off you should know that most of Trumps court cases "WERE NOT LOOKED AT" ! The Crooked Judges use a procedural maneuver to NOT Listen/hear the Evidence. It 's called "Lack of Standing" :


    Based in Article III of the U.S. Constitution, which limits federal courts to hearing only "cases and controversies." The doctrine puts the onus on a plaintiff to prove, among other factors, that she suffered an actual harm, and if she can't, the court has no jurisdiction over the case.


    Second as mentioned, the video of rescanning ballots, the illegal Votes, the State Legislator changing Voting laws, Ballots being shredded, and  The Dominion machines sending data over seas etc.... ALL WARRENT Criminal investigation !

    So Nothing was even looked at ! The Video is a Smoking Gun for Voter Fraud !

    This was a Coup Detat against the American Voters ! The DEM's and all involved Stole the Selecting of the US President away from the American Voters !!!

    If "ANYONE" tries to say this is not true, then just ask them why wouldn't our US Politicians just go to each Contested State and:

    1)Get the List of LEGAL US VOTERS from Each State!

    2)Have a CERTIFIED Revote !!!! ?????......

    We would all see if:

    1) Trump is a sore loser, and making stuff up ! "OR"

    2) The CRIMINALS IN DC just committed a TREASONOUS CUPO DETAT against the American People !!!!!.....

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    Russia gave out all kinds of false information and that is how Trump won the electionn the first time.  Hilary Clinton was just a grandma not a monster.  So instead they elected a monster.  Then when Trump got into power he was in there to divide the country anyway he could.  When that was not working out as much as he wanted he brought in a pandemic and then let everyone die.  Trump and Putin was in this together.  He did not care about race, he golfed with Tiger woods.  But he acted like a white supremist and divided the nation.  Anyway he could.  His own niece said, "he was the most dangerous man in the world."  Then he divided us by raee, political party or any other way he could.  while we were weakening by a pandemic that he did nothing to stop.  He even talked about the movie "Red Dawn"  it was a weakening of the nation by civil war and sickness.  Then the Russians came up through Texas and took over the country.  So he knew what he was doing.  But some noticed what he was doing and started to act and some of those were Repubicans who was very brave and courageous to speak out and say, You lost the election.  They all feared for their life.  That is how Putin became a dictator and how Trump was going to do so.  But where Trump failed was he didn't get the military behind him.  But we can be grateful to the Republicans who spoke out when they could see what was happening.  Think about this??  How would Trump causing a civil war in this nation so we killed each other be a good thing??

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    When people don't have the facts on their side, opinion remains. Opinion can say anything. The courts rarely admit opinion which is why trumpco lost the challenges to election results.

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    the only Toddlers here, are your friends, who keep screaming about fraud, and were given  62 court hearings  to slap their PROOF of any fraud on the table, and  surprisingly failed to do so,   62 times. 

    Yet want to keep swearing that such proof the ether...........under that rock over there......... maybe the dog ate it, .......maybe aliens stole the proof............but goddamn it.......they are 100% sure  there is proof out there. 

    They are whiny children,  who had their MAGA hats taken away, because it turns out they were made in China and are  Trump was taken away, because of his toxicity. 

    Stick a pacifier in their mouths and let them cry it out. 

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    They allowed anyone who was a citizen, old enough, and met the other legal requirements vote.  This gives Republicans no chance, because more Americans vote for Democrats than Republicans, if they can.  Republicans have gotten fewer votes than Democrats in every Presidential election in the last 30 years, except the one following 9/11.  Republicans can win if voters are prevented from voting for whom they want, by making it too dangerous to vote, by restricting voting to times that conflict with work schedules, by prohibiting free government-issued ID's from being used as voter ID's (so that you can't vote unless you paid for your ID), or by making the ballots or voting machines so complicated and difficult to use that voters can't figure out how to vote for the candidate they want.  Taking away those advantages practically hands the election to Democrats.

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    the mail in voting - it was strategically concentrated in just enough counties to win, only 477, thats like 15% of them, generally the winner has thousands of counties

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    Election was stolen , but people don ;t know the ins and outs. I do - and it was stolen. Now it is time for the people to find out whats been going on for 20 years.  

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