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Is it okay to care a lot about family but still feel like a failure. How does one move forward if others who don't care want to shoot down ?

Anyone this obsessionbwbour whole family or talk about whole family community erc . Why can't I escape this stuff and live life I don't know 

Everytime I used to get drunk what the heck u think I mentioned . Yes . Family ask anyone I would talk family even when drunk so where ******* comes from I don't know that's why I never drink when I ****** idiot people 

Don't ******* dare say don't care. 


Ask them ask them wasn't I telling them miss when we used to younger and listen music and u guys used ask me for help maths especially like that is me when drunk .that is what I talking about family even in drunkeb state so I don't know how to stop  this stuff like oh she doesn't like family this that . 

Update 2:

Like it's all I talk about I'm not good enuf ppease I need escape etc I need try new life **** this other stuff I want everyone be proud of me . Like when we young etc  sorry got ready eyed it's just like I didn't want anything but to start life . 

That why don't even 4wlk sister I just don't care this stuff I don't care all this stuff . I just wanted 5o escape and now my mom also is never talk to me before now 4ememher I'm alive so like I don't care all this stuff m dad didn't spit my face 

Update 3:

So I wanted to escape this . Great one person left wow so amazing what great memory of failure left behind . I wanted 5o bring 5he happy memories back that all . Not hey look at me please look at me I'm failure u don't think people say first that stuff . 

That why I need escape that why I keep saying can he be my friend family etc . I had enuf this stuff 

Update 4:

I just think this fmailh slot I will always remember the family etc like it's impossible to forget etc . So I don't know who is fake 😂 it's too confusing . Even with him I'm talk more about my family than him who does that even top person doesn't do that stuff so the accusations is so stupid honestly .

Update 5:

No but it's emotional for me because I didn't know any indian people besides my cousins 🤣 like I just wish people would understand that 

Update 6:

everyone bonded over college and etc so it's just painful to think that that's all . And now when try I'm outsider basically and it hurts then I remember him saying but it family wat happen m u love me they will die 😂 like I keep remembering my family because I'm think I don't have anyone else 

Update 7:

No it's not that I'm just saying I think slot my family it's not right to say I don't basically  i be quiet 🤫 I need repair my stuff . They canceled my email but I try again . I need get the scar stuff etc and need try more . But it's really not right to say family etc befwuee i don't have anyone  else besides all of them.

Update 8:

I just have those people at least talk to sometimes like music like something just stuff I couldn't talk with others  that I miss that talks so much . I be quiet it's just like I wish he could understand I'm not think anything else besides them so how can say that 

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    thats up to you how you feel

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Uhm... did you drunk type this?

    Just do you. Stop letting others come between your happiness. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


    You shouldnt care. 

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