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How do I get over my fear of telling my landlord I'm moving?

I have to tell my landlord I'm moving out. I feel bad about it and dread the conversation so I've been avoiding it. This is only making it worse. How do I get up the courage to tell her? 


The issue is that I'm afraid to let people down or disappoint them

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    You are paying your landlord to live in their house, you are not letting anyone down by moving, these things happen all the time.

    If you've been a good tenant, paid your rent, kept the property in good shape, the landlord will be happy.

    I personally don't feel upset when a tenant wants to move, because it is their decision.

    The only nervous thing is renting out to one of those tenant from hell types, but I'm sure you landlord is careful.

    Just write a good letter, maybe have an excuse why you decide to leave, make sure it is in advance, this helps the landlord to inspect the property once you leave, do any maintenance if needed and rent it out to someone else.

    Be yourself, be nice and don't worry too much, it's your life and your decision.

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    Why are you scared? You don't have to explain yourself.

    Things are never as bad as what they seem. It is up to you if you want to move.

    Don't worry, she will find another tenant.

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    Tenants moving out of a rental property is not uncommon and you doing so does not reflect badly on your character.  Avoiding this conversation with your Landlord is not helping your mental health, so why continue engaging in this behavior?  The core issue here is you not wanting to let people down so go back to when you first became aware of this mindset, what was the trigger?  Identifying your core difficulty will better help you understand yourself.  Also, from a practical perspective, it is likely you have a time limit in which to give your Landlord notice so ensure you do not violate that regulation, as then there may be an issue with a deposit you paid when you first moved into the property.

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    She is your landlord.

    Just say you’re moving out.

    She’ll get someone else to move in when you go.

    Give your 30 days notice in writing/email with your next rent.

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    You should provide notice in writing anyway, so you write a note and include it with your rent check so that you can document that you provided the appropriate 30-day notice.

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