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Where does animal meat come from? ?

I know that meat comes from animals, but I’m wondering where the meat is in the animal. If I have a dead bird then there’s skin, bones heart, eyeballs, liver, throat and guts but where is the meat in it?

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    I could go for some medium rare brain cells right now.  Better yet, brain sushi!  Naw just kidding.  Yes what we consider "meat" is muscle tissue and its molecular structure is changed upon cooking.  Smoking, baking, searing, it all tastes different but the source is the same.

    Although if you'd like a simple answer, any and all meat comes from Walmart.  Before that, a processing plant.  The giblets and $h1T are ground up, seasonings tossed in by 15lb bags, pressed into pretty patties, cooked, and afterwards instantly frozen using CO2.  Then its packaged by machines, and those packages are shoved into boxes on an assembly line by workers making minimum wage.

    So, would ya rather eat a steak, or chow down on that McRib or QPC?  I would vouch for the steak since its from one animal and that animal alone.  A McRib probably has at least 20 different pigs in one patty.  All that flesh, ground, mixed and mashed into a presentable appearance, yummy!

    Oh and, skin, heart, eyeballs, liver, throat, guts, thats all protein.  GRIND IT UP!  What do you think processed food IS?!  Corporations wanna save a buck, so toss the garbage into the grinder.

    Plus, I used to work in a food processing plant, it was a huge eye opener.  Half sealed bags of, anything, went into a white bin.  That white bin went back to the grinding area and shoved back onto the line.  So again, 20 different pigs in one patty?  Not kidding...  Needless to say that job lasted less than 3 months, it was disgusting.  Im not Jewish or Muslim but I definitely do not eat pork anymore!

    Source(s): Used to work for a food processing plant
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    When we eat parts of an animal and call those parts 'meat', we are eating that animal's skeletal muscles. It is the same when eating fish. If you were to eat some cod, haddock, plaice, etc. you are eating that fish's skeletal muslces.

    Sometimes people eat other parts of animals. An general term for many of these parts is offal. That would include such things as kidneys and liver.

    If the thymus or the pancreas is eaten they are called sweetbreads or sweet meats.

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    The meat are muscles.Muscles are made of muscle cells. The drumstick and thigh are leg muscles for example. The other kinds of meat include livers, kidneys, hearts, brain, intestines, etc. Some of these organs are also muscular. For example, the heart and stomach have muscles. 

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    it's the muscles 

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    Birds generally have very little meat on them. Chickens and other domesticated birds have been artificially bred for centuries to produce much more meat than they naturally would in the wild.

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    Google "whole cooked chicken" and it's not hard to recognize the legs.  The larger part is the breast, and the wings are small but recognizable.  Obviously the head and skin have been removed, but so have the internal organs.

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    The muscles...    Some people also eat some of the organs

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