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My little sister snoops?

I decided to keep a diary which was dumb, because she once found it when I was 15.. luckily, it wasn't overly personal, but then I tried to switch to a google drive document on an account she didn't know about. but every time I have friends over or my boyfriend hangs out, she's always there listening. I love her but she just talks to much to her friends about my relationship and everything. HELP!

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    With one exception, this is very typical.  My sisters and I were super nosy growing up and then we'd terrorize each other with what we learned.  It's just sibling stuff.  That said, the exception is that she's repeating it to others.  If I were you, I'd bring a parent into this, because that is never ok.  If you try to handle this, she won't listen to you, because you have no power over her.  (By that, I mean you aren't in a position to impose consequences if she ignores you).

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