What is the name of the following Holocaust-inspired psychological-horror Russian film?

One such film was a psychological horror drama, in Russian, where it tells of a child, a young girl who does not know she is Jewish and is raised by an adoptive mother. At some point her real, Jewish mother makes contact and they come to know eachother. At first, everything was well and the adoptive and biological mothers were on good terms. I don't remember how but at some point during the film the local public becomes increasingly untrusting of Jews to the point of hostility. In the climax of the film, the Russian non-Jewish public goes on a killing spree against the Jewish public. One quote I remember from the film was that "Hitler was right" or that they're gonna "finish what Hitler started". There was one moment where the people have come to a synagogue, as a Jewish priest or whatever he was comes to the entrance and they storm in on him, he pleads "just tell me what it is you want", and a man smashes at him with what I remember to be a hammer, saying "I'll tell you what we want", he smashes him directly in the head, stating, "Jewish meat." The camera zooms on the gory shot of the inanimate head of the Jewish man, with bloody bruises and on the floor. Soon enough chaos ensues in the vast building the place appears to be in riot with fire and everything, the building becomes a slaughterhouse of Jews, bodies of Jews are thrown from the rooftops to hostile crowds at the bottom, the girl and her biological mother are in the building in hiding and attempting to escape.


One presumably non-Jewish man attempts to rape a presumably Jewish woman, the girl and her mother are able to see this from their hiding place and as the man rips the unidentified woman's clothes off, the girl's mother covers the girl's eyes. The adoptive mother is involved in the killing, by the way. Near the end she finds the hiding place of the real mother and the girl, and intends to kill them but stops herself when she sees the girl's face is in fear.


Update 2:

In the end, there's a moral resolution where the killing stops and the situation goes back under control, presumably by the authorities. It seems as though the public has a change of heart towards Jews, but the remaining Jews leave. When they part ways though, the adoptive mom then barks at the real mom (or at the young girl?), "Yes, that's right! Go away, small Jew!". As the girl and her real mom turn their gaze toward her, before turning their gaze back forward and leaving.

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