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why most US cities have just awful roads and infrastructure? why not spend tax payer money on restoration of that instead of foreign wars?


and WHERE else does the money go to ? WELFARE for who? sit at home and make babies to deal drugs and commit crimes and support illegal aliens? why?

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    The question of where does the money go is difficult because we have different levels of government.

    At the federal level, in fiscal year 2019, out of 4 trillion in spending approximately 1.6 trillion went to Medicare and Social Security which are primarily funded by dedicated taxes and trust funds.  Another 600 billion went to the defense department, but most of that spending is not on wars but rather equipment to deter wars.  While an argument can be made for lower defense spending, most voters would disagree.  Another 600 billion goes to the operations (personnel, equipment, office rent, utilities etc.) for the "domestic government agencies" -- things like the Center for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, and the EPA.  Transportation and infrastructure has to be funded out of that 600 billion as well.  And there is about $200 billion in interest payment because voters would rather have tax cuts than pay for all that the government does.  There is approximately 1 trillion for other "entitlement" programs but that includes pensions for civilian and military retirees and temporary (and limited) unemployment benefits as well as what people traditionally think of as welfare.  

    In many states, the biggest expense in the state budget is for education.  And in most cities, the biggest expense is for law enforcement and fire protection.  

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    Infrastructure in US cities is mostly the purview of the state, county and municipal leaders. The feds only fund the interstate highways and byways. Localities do get funds from the feds for roads and streets but are free to spend it as they see fit. In some states the leadership spends it wisely. In others it all gets sucked into corruption and cronyism. 

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    Mainly because  doing something about infrastructure is nothing but an empty, worthless campaign promise........ almost as worthless as promising to take education seriously and improve our schools......and raise teachers salaries,  which also never happens. 

    It all sounds good while campaigning.........and then billions are funneled into war and the Pentagon to keep all the arms suppliers of the world happy. 

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    The state's and counties DO repair roads bridges and rail roads OR CLOSE THEM if they are in. Danger of collapsing, but almost ALL of those have matching federal funds, but NOT ALWAYS. The federal government REFUSED to repair U.S. Hwy business 90 in Jefferson. Orleans and St.Charles parishes in the 1970s and into the 1980s until Louisiana raised the legal alcohol drinking and serving age from 18 to 21 years old. 

    The individual counties as well as the state legislatures have to fund repairs from THEIR taxes. One bridge in Oklahoma between Cleveland and and McClain counties on US Hwy 77 was closed for well over a year because engineers finally realized it was in imminent danger of collapsing. It vibrated A LOT when you drove over it in a medium sized station wagon FOR YEARS. 

    ABD and that doesn't include parts of the electrical grid in many areas which is now 80 years a old and is held get her with the equivalent of wire, string,  and paper clips. The railroads and subwaysIf there are subways, is in equally bad shape. There is no high speed rail or rail roads  between New Orleans and Baton Rouge for well over 20 years. Parts of I-10 were closed for 2 or more YEARS after Katrina. I-49 is?supposed to be extended into west bank Jefferson and Orleans parish since Katrina. Absolutely Nothing has happened with that. I-10 in Louisiana?was the last part of the original interstate network because it was the equivalent of building a bridge over a?swamp over 60 miles long in the 1960s and 1970s. 

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    Which is why Biden has promised $2 trillion to be spent on infrastructure.  We will have to wait and see if this president follows through on his infrastructure promise, as the last one didn't.

  • Anonymous
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    the military budget has built in kickbacks to congressmen . infrastucture projects don't . 

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    Fixing infrastructure was one of the things that trump promised during the 2016 campaign. I know, it's odd that he broke a promise.

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