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Need contraception from surgery i am not registered at. NHS?

With the new lockdown in the UK i stayed home after the christmas break finished. Since I moved away from home for Uni i had to register with a new GP, so I am no longer with the surgery in the town I am in at the moment.

I am only a few days away from my pill running out and I was wondering if I can request it despite no longer being registered at this practice? My mum seems to think it'll be okay because it is contraception, I am just a bit worried and I am wondering if i should just buy it instead because i have researched that pharmacies near me do sell it, it'll just put me out a bit because the price isn't cheap.

It's not necessarily urgent due to the circumstances, but it helps with my periods and I dont particularly want to stop and start with contraception because i'll be right back at square one when i started taking it.

If anyone has any insight on whether this is possible that'd be great. Also because I am realising that I am close to finishing my prescription on the weekend and the surgery near me doesn't take calls on the weekend.

Thank You :)

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  • 1 month ago

    You can ask. 

    The worsted that can happen is they will say no but it is likely they will be able to help if an appointment is available.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    you can try asking for it

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