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is anyone else that is currently in college, feel like they are barely doing anything?

i currently have all online classes due to covid  and I have no live zoom meetings except like once a mont.. it literally feels like i'm on break.. i have the usual couple assignments a week and maybe one zoom presentation this semester but it feels like i'm doing something wrong or that something is off :/ its my first year of college and i thought things were supposed to be way harder??

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    it might be cause youre doing it online

  • 1 month ago

    I graduated from College just before COVID-19 hit. I remember my freshman year (all in-person classes) being a bit easier than sophomore and junior years. Maybe give it some time; if you advance in your major you'll take some challenging courses (assuming your major isn't something really easy).

    I took some of online courses in college. I found them much easier than normal in person classes. Tests were often open book, open note. I could work at my own pace and get many assignments done early.

    Might also be your instructor. I've had some pretty good instructors that challenged students. Others didn't really care and the class was either super hard or super easy.

    You're not doing anything wrong! I predict things will get more challenging for you when schools reopen :)

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