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Do you think that the hip hop songs on the mainstream and radio just gets progressively worst every year?

I know they all sound the same but they make the songs even more bad for some reason and the more bad it is the more popular they get.

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    Yeah I would agree. That’s usually why I just listen to Spotify 

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    YES!!!!!! Exhibit A: Trap Music   Exhibit B: Mumble Rap  Need I say more???

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    Most mainstream Hip Hop has been horrible for a long time now. But the truth is making money is a one of the biggest components of it now. Very few people care about the contemplative side of it anymore. Plenty of artists have admitted to making mediocre music for money. But it takes two to tango. Fans are eating it up so can't completely blame the artists for being trash. But it is alarming that Hip Hop (and really urban contemporary as a whole) is becoming the only genre where talent isn't required.

     A large percentage of listeners essentially don't care about the rappers because they solely focus on the instrumental (which I find ridiculous). Anything that gets people hyped up will sell. 

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    rap mixes with rock/guitar sound nowadays so i don't think so

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    Like everything else music changes over time.I am actually a fan of most Rap music.I used to be old school only but some of this new school Rap is growing on me.However the radio plays some of the worst of the worst to be honest.That is why i listen to music on my phone or my music players or in some cases I will listen to the radio but pretty much play only CDS i own if i do listen to the radio.I also listen to music on my computer from time to time but only songs I select.

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    The only reason why I pay attention is because I STOP doing business with businesses who use rap in their commercials.

    With blacks being only 12% of the population they are excluding the other 88%.  That's discrimination.

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