What if I lied by accident on fafsa?

Last year when I completed my fafsa I put one amount for my parents assets because thats what they told me when I asked them and since they are foreign and I guess they didnt't understand the question. Now I am filling out the fafsa again but this time I found that the amount for assets is much larger than I put last time. Now I'm concerned because I want to tell the truth now but Im afraid they will be suspicious because of how noticeably different the amount for assets is from last year. Im talking about a 10x difference in the numbers here. What should I do? would I get in trouble for accidently lying last time? I dont think it made a huge difference for what scholarships I got since the only scholarship I got was merit based not need based anyways. Does it still matter?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    it no longer matters.  just tell truth as you know it now

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