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Can anyone please help ?

 In august of 2019 my sister and I (I’m 45 and she is 43) had a huge argument and very mean words were exchanged. I said somethings that I shouldn’t have ie; that she sits in her house living off her boyfriend and ordering from catalogs daily with his money . This wasn’t nice but we were arguing . She blocked me in text email and phone . I sent her a birthday and Christmas gift with card apologizing but no response. Even her boyfriend said she holds grudges . Well , it’s going on two years this august . We were always close talking and visiting daily but now it’s as if she’s being vengeful. Forgiveness should have come by now ??it’s as if she’s died ?and now she also has pitted my only other sibling against me with malicious gossip ! What would you do?

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    What a sorry tale. You have done all you can to restore the relationship, but that's not going to get her to budge.  Your sister appears to be one who harbors a vengeful nature. "I've got you where I want you now, and I'm not going to do anything at all to help you make peace.  Got cha!"  Leave her alone.  Let her go.  The day will come when she will be sorry.  Forget the Christmas cards, and Birthday greetings, and let her be the one to miss you now, for several years.  Put some energy into this other sibling, but if worse comes to worse, leave the whole evil mess alone.  Go and make your own family, and friends, and keep them away from these oddball relatives of yours.  Spend your time dong good for others.  Gather other new friends.  Make your Life beautiful.  I find it hard to see your Life as beautiful even if you make amends to one such as she.  You would be waiting for the ball to drop on another issue, when it is in her best interests to do so.  Get on with your own Life.  Do good.  Love one another and be friends with those who need a friend.  And you are one who has much love to give away, or to share!

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    Forget her, its over between you two. Move on.

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    not much you can do about it but pray she changes

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