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How quickly can my landlord make me leave the premises in a week-to-week lease?

So, about my situation. I told my landlord that I will leave within 2 months time, and I've been paying him on a weekly basis as was first agreed. I've been living here for 6 months now. One main issue is that I didn't sign any contract, he gave me his bank details and I've been making weekly transfers to him. However, the last 2 months he's been randomly showing up in my apartment knocking on my door asking for more than a weeks rent etc. and otherwise harassing me, hence the reason I decided to find a new place.

The reason I didn't demand a contract, was because I was in a fairly bad financial situation when I moved here, I moved to UK at that time from Hungary and just started a new job so I was unable to negotiate.

As far as I know, according to the info I found, even if there isn't an actual contract, him accepting the money from me (for which I have proof since it was a bank transfer), an agreement was made, therefore, it'd be illegal for him to show up here and demand I leave immediately, correct?

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    One week normally.  Usually the notice period is one rental period, which in your case is a week.  Dependent on state specific law though.

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    You have an illegal landlord in the ALL landlords are required by law to provide a 6 month written contract as a minimum and  after that your contract is month to month also your deposit is legally required to be deposited into an insurance scheme and the landlord legally needs to inform you in writing which one it is secured with........... the landlord legally has to give you notice to leave in writing, as you are paying weekly that is one weeks notice... same witj you...... the landlord is breaking the law just turning up without 24 hours notice in writing and it is harrassment and legally no landlord can tell you to leave immediately and he needs reporting for doing that......... you contact the private housing officer who is attached to the enviromental department at your local council who will contact the landlord and advise him of the landlord/tenant law.....

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    According to most common and civil law jurisdictions, unless otherwise legislated, the notice is the lesser of 30 days or the term of the lease.

    a one year lease =  30 days notice

    1 week = 7 days notice

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    Paying on a week to week basis in Canada and the U.S. requires only ONE WEEK'S notice.  He is NOT required to renew your (verbal) lease.  He can file for eviction and the judge can order you out in as little as 3 days.  More common is 5 or 7 or 10, but the landlord can ask for 3.  You don't have to have signed a written lease.  Verbal is acceptable and the rent you pay every week constitutes a lease contract.

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    Week to week sounds as if you are a lodger (living in landlord's house) rather than a tenant under UK law.  That makes you an excluded occupier with few legal rights.  But don't panic, your landlord still has to give you reasonable notice IN WRITING if he wants you out.  He cannot give you less than a week if you pay weekly and a court would probably give you at least a month, especially during the lockdown.  Payments from your bank to his are sufficient evidence to create a verbal lease.

    Go and talk to your local Citizen's Advice Bureau.  Their advice is free although they are not lawyers.  Shelter can help too but it sounds as if this man is just a nasty bully taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.  Don't pay him one penny extra.

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    In the absence of a written contract, landlord-tenant laws apply.

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