Sac is bigger than baby but no heartbeat at 5 weeks?

I originally thought of was 12 weeks but I have my dates wrong, I have been bleeding since Monday but I found out I had a water infection thought it was all down to that but it got worse the bleeding.

I've had no pain, I ended up at the early pregnancy unit I had a vaginal scan and they said the baby was nearly 6 weeks and the sac was measuring at 8 weeks and 3 days.

They said because there isn't a heartbeat I've more than likely had a miscarriage. But isn't 5 weeks too early to hear a heartbeat? they have said come back in a week but there is a high chance the baby has died.

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  • Kerri
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    Not on a vaginal scan. Those can pick up fetal heartbeat around 5-51/2 weeks pregnant. Not to say that in your situation that you have for sure miscarried but if your fetus was expected to be 6 weeks along at this point and no fetal heartbeat was found, it’s more likely than not. I’m so sorry for you. I hope all works out for the best.

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