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A friend is overstaying her welcome, what do I do?

A friend of mine was kicked out by her step sister and she has no other family here so I told her she could stay in my apt. Since I never go over there anymore. (i basically moved in with my boyfriend) I told her she does have to pay the electric bills (that’s all the utility I pay). Since my lease is up in MARCH.

I thought she was just gonna stay from Jan. 11-18th but since her sister kicked her out randomly I let her stay since dec 24. 

She does keep the place clean, does not invite anyone over, because I randomly check since I have an extra key.. she has paid the electric bill , and gave me money for gas also offered to help me with rent but...

She is being very indecisive about where she will move into. I warned her that I am putting my 30 day notice in so she will need to be gone soon, and she understood. The 1st apt she didn’t get approved, 2nd didn’t have a washer or dryer, and now she is on the 3rd one which she wants but she JUST NOW telling me she has to mail a letter in to get a new social because she doesn’t have it which won’t be here until NEXT WEEK? Plus she is continuing to look at MORE apts and changing her mind a lot. 

I don’t want to rush her but she said she would be gone by FEB. 1st, but I have a feeling it will take longer. She doesn’t have much time but I don’t think she gets that fully. 

No I don’t think she will try to squat here in March because she said she does have a back up plan but still. I can’t be wrong here? She needs to find a place.

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    The place will be empty for February so why should she look quickly?

    Have her sign a document tell her when the apartment is no longer yours and let her stay until that time.

    -- include on the letter that she is a guest not a tenant. 

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    Make sure your current apartment manager knows about this and introduce them to each other long before your final walk-thru. Maybe she can arrange to rent the unit after your lease is up. Either way it makes them both aware you don't plan on renewing your lease.  If your lease prohibits subleasing, even better. It gives you a legal reason to get her to leave sooner. Also make sure your boyfriend's apartment manager knows you moved in to his apartment. 

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    How is she overstaying?   The day by which you told her she had to leave hasn't passed yet.

    You told her she needed to leave "soon".    But what day is that?   She isn't clairvoyant.

    FFS.   Direct and honest communication...a skill we adults find helpful. 

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