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What's the appropriate reaction to a nude picture?

I'm a girl, and sometimes guys send d pictures or nudes, and honestly I feel nauseous when I see a d picture. 

Is this normal? Does it happen to a lot of girls?

I don't understand how someone can get turned on by seeing a d...

Or is it just me? 

I have an even worse reaction when I get videos of guys stroking themselves

I am sorry for the question, but I am concerned

This is not a joke


I mean, what's the appropriate physical reaction to the picture

I know I should block the people who send them, and I actually do that

But my question was directed towards the aversion i feel when I see such pictures

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    If you delve into the world of online dating or get involved with a certain type of guy, unfortunately, if you're a woman, those kinds of pictures and videos are very common, and it's really sad. The appropriate response it to ignore, block, and delete those people so they don't continue to do it, as responding to them will just give them the attention they seem so desperate to get. It's normal to feel nauseous over things like that, because it's not a very nice or appropriate thing to do to someone. I don't know why specifically they do it, or why it's a normal thing for some guys, I can only speculate, but I can also imagine that it may even lead somewhere with 1 out of every 100 or so people they send them to, which in their minds might make it worth it. There's probably also some guys who think that women actually want to see that garbage, despite everything and everyone telling them otherwise. I do, however, know for a fact that a lot of guys think that their d*** is a gift when it absolutely is not, so that probably plays a factor as well. 

    Like I said, deleting, blocking, and ignoring those pervs is the only way, as far as I can come up with, to deal with it. If you are using an app or something, you probably could report their profiles as well, but I doubt that will do a whole lot of good to be honest. 

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    There is no "appropriate" physical reaction.  It is what it is.  I would feel an aversion to naked males, and would even be a bit shocked if a female sent me a naked picture of herself.  Let alone making sexual gestures.  There is nothing wrong with your reaction at all.

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    Yes for a sensitive educated normal person it is normal to feel like that.

    I suppose that some low life slag kind of a girl might like it.

    The world is half good people half terrible people.I like girls, but if a girl sent me the equivalent picture I would want to throw up as well.

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    people with base morals and overinflated egos think no one can resist them and that it is all about their looks. unsolicited nude photos can be reported to the police.

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    Guys really don't care if you like it or not, they just want you to see it because that alone gets them off. You have the appropriate reaction, it is nasty and they had no right to violate your eyes like that. Block him

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    Don't respond, just block them. 

    They are hoping to get a reaction, even if that reaction is negative.

    So you refuse to have a reaction other than making yourself unavailable for further harassment. 

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    You should probably just ignore them. Or maybe report them depending on who sends them and the platform they use

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