Can u apply for a job again within a day ?

Say if forgot something or something 🤔

I'm really try for an overnight position at least so have food in mouth . I am trying so hard but it's so hard 


Well I was honest and I tried but I just was wondering 

Update 2:

And coronavirus took my laptop so fast so idk 😐 I can't even speak about it . So just trying to make food in my mouth 

Update 3:

Isl have to escape that why important .food in mouth . Etc that why serious question 

Update 4:

Understood that why was apprehensive . 

Update 5:

I honestly am asking rally . Thanks . It short lived just something but this is serious tension 

Update 6:

I don't have other places. I have level 399 tension at moment don't be fooled it's serious u all know 

Update 7:

Really I'm being serious thanks 

Update 8:

Will try but have tried so that why troll shud know 

Update 9:

When I said escape this was main thing . Not party . I hte any troll or him that can say party is everything when I don't have any one literally and that to in Boston top school or even umass so why would I worry nonsense 

Update 10:

I never did that just asking . That is another thing . Really have to leave this stuff that is main reason of tension 

Update 11:

Don't care articles etc  basically 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I'm sorry I'm not understanding. 

    You can apply as much as you want. Professionally give it a few weeks before they find you annoying and blacklist you. 

    Try other places. 

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