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I feel this as rejection, how should I feel?

I've shared my subscription information with my girlfriend but she won't use any of the accounts I've shared. I gave her my Spotify passcode so she has access to a premium account, also my Netflix information because she often tells me she cant use her account because her family is using it. And I've shared a couple more profiles with her but she doesn't use them

It's not like she says "no, I don't wanna use them" she just thanks me but she doesn't use anything

We wanted to watch something the other day and she told me she couldn't do it at that moment  because both her parents were using Netflix, so i told her she should use mine, but she found an illegal streaming service instead


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    Invitation means "I'm offering you this to accept or decline as you please." When the person isn't free to decline that's not an invitation anymore. It's a demand. 

    "Thank you it was kind of you to offer" and then not take advantage of the offer is a thoughtful way to decline. If she wanted to discuss her reasons for declining, she'd bring up those reasons for discussion. She doesn't. For you to insist on this discussion would be awkward, even rude. 

    Suppose someone invited you "Join me for church services any Sunday!" You wouldn't say "No, I don't like that idea." You'd say "How nice of you to invite me. Thank you!" And hope they'd drop it. You wouldn't like it a bit if they brought it up again, asked why you didn't want to come to church with them, pushed you to come to church with them. 

    You're being bossy, even making this a power struggle. Back off and accept that she, not you, makes these decisions. It's not your place to either agree or disagree with her choice. 

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    maybe she just doesnt want use someone else's password and account

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    weird. But nothing to breakup over.

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