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One of my parrots died and now my other parrot looks like she's dying too?

My sun conure died a week ago.. i'm so devistated an heartbroken and it's all my fault since she looked sick and i couldn't take her to the vet right away.

The nearest vet is extreemly far away and my mom didn't wanna take her to the vet.

Now my other sun conure looks sick and i can't stop panicking and crying about it, i don't know what to do she's 6years old she was perfectly fine one week ago, she's not going out of her cage,she does very silent screeches, she's barely eating, she has her eyes half closed, and she's constantly in the same spot, i took her out of her cage and she just sat there on the floor slowly closing her eyes. i'm so scared really don't wanna loose her too, and my mom said she would take her to the vet on friday when she's not working. I feel liek it's gonna be toolate again and i hate my mom so much

I'm so mad and scared, i don't even know what's wrong with her please help me WHAT DO I DO?!?!

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    Other than keeping the bird warm, with fresh food and water, there is not much that you can do. In the future, should you keep two or more birds in the same cage, alway have a spare, to move the sick bird into. Then Clean the cage that they shared. When I say clean, I mean scrub and sanitize dry ALL surfaces, perches, and food/water containers, plus keep all birds out of it for at least 8 hours. Do no keep the sick bird in the same room as the other(s). 

    Unfortunately birds hide their illnesses pretty much until they can't, and often it's too late to do anything, unless the owner is very aware of changes in activity, eating and bowel habits. 

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